I have enjoyed playing on a number
                                                                            of  violins made by Rock Eggen, and 
                                                                            found them to be very responsive
                                                                            and rich in tone- excellent
                                                                            workmanship, and very beautiful to 
                                                                            the eye.

                                                                            Harold Wippler
                                                                            Former Concertmaster of the 
                                                                            Kansas City Philharmonic
                                                                           and the Denver Symphony Orchestra


What drew me to the art of violinmaking was that it combined several of my favorite things in life: a love of music, especially the sound of string and reed instruments- and an interest in woodworking, sculpting in wood, and especially wood finishing, and the optical effects that can be enhanced in wood finishing.  (The old Cremonese makers were masterful wood finishers.) 

I believe that the best violins are never perfect, but they are interesting and deep- powerful and subtle.  To the young professional looking for his or her first career instrument, I would advise taking the time to educate him or herself on the breadth of violin sound.


If you are interested in finding a violin, viola or cello teacher for the beginning student through to the advanced and serious musician, the Eggen Violin Shop is proud to recommend a list of outstanding and talented local area teachers.  You may download the PDF here.

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to serve the music community for over thirty years, and I hope you have occasion to visit the Eggen Violin Shop soon.